Renata Silveira, L.Ac.


Hi! My name is Renata, I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist specialized in hormonal disorders, mind-body health and women’s health.  

My relationship with Oriental Medicine started long before I became a practitioner. From the time I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease at age of 19, had undergone treatment and a total thyroidectomy, to then having to manage my life with synthetic hormones as a chronic hypothyroidism patient, I learned a lot about physical signs of imbalance and became discouraged by the limitations of standard medical care for people who suffer from hormonal disorders. My apparent normal lab numbers did not reflect my state of being, and I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of life my medical regimen was offering me. 

When I finally found help in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, I understood conventional and holistic medicine paradigms, each of them being very effective in their strengths, and the holistic approach was what made a whole difference in my health care. I was able to have my symptoms resolved and finally achieved the life quality I considered normal and optimal for me. 

My experience was so incredible that it inspired me to transition my successful career as an architect and pursue a new career in holistic medicine, so I could offer hope and help more people who had similar experience as me.

I am now the owner and practitioner at Rise Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine. I’m a licensed acupuncturist by DORA in the state of Colorado and a nationally certified Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). This includes certification in Clean Needle Technique and Chinese Herbology. I earned my master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have been trained in adjunctive therapies such as moxibustion, tui na, acupressure, cupping, auriculotherapy, electrical stimulation and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

“I believe there are far too many people in our community suffering from chronic and autoimmune diseases, who are living with debilitating symptoms, some that are not even identified as a disease yet, whose medical support is limited by diagnostics that don’t reflect or clearly identify the person’s condition and a regimen of medications that relief some symptoms, but without much hope for total recovery, which also often comes with undesired side-effects.”

In my several years of practice, I’ve helped hundreds of patients finally experience the quality of life they desire and deserve to have. My passionate and caring approach combined with my extensive knowledge creates a trustful relationship and a safe environment during treatment. People are finding the missing link for optimal health, which involves a medical system that sees the body as a whole, and work by treating the root cause of the disease, to provide not only relief of symptoms but also long-term health, in a natural, effective and free of side-effects approach.

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